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Ever wondered why kids say they're bored at school, or why they stop trying when the work gets harder? Educationalist Carol Dweck explains how the wrong kind of praise actually *harms* young people. This short video is essential viewing for EVERYONE - from teachers and education workers to relatives and friends - and will totally revolutionise the way you interact with children.

private tutoring with Ms. Appel

Where real remediation meets real rigor. 

English Language Arts, Humanities & Executive Function in-person support is with Ms. Appel

  • Reading and Writing support grades 4-adult

  • Executive Functioning Support 4- adult

  • Core Subject Support grade 4-12, including math and science specialist recommendations.

  • Academic Remediation grade 4-12

  • English as a Second Language

For sessions with Ms. Appel please contact her directly.

English Language Arts online support is in partnership with iTutor.

on-line tutoring for english support & math & science

Ms. Appel, in partnership with iTutor, can help any child around the globe with internet access. iTutor’s patented interactive white board technology, plus Skype, WeChat and Google Chat, allows Ivy League tutors to work with students all over the world to prepare and help them in many significant ways ranging from executive functioning support & study skills to a lifetime of writing instruction. 

study skills & approach

Academic Success Support package includes videos, pdf, e-book, e-courses & can be supported by on-line tutoring.

  • Executive Functioning Support

  • English as a Second Language

  • Core Subject Support

  • Academic Remediation

international families:

introduction to american education online course

Introduction to American Education package includes videos, e-book, pdf lessons and organizers to help you make your transition plan, academic goals and to track your progress. 

  • What does American Education look like?

  • Understanding the landscape, expectations and curriculum.

  • What does American Education feel like? Approach - Rigor/Effort/Grit.

  • What is the best way to approach American Education? Strategy - Plan/Skills

English as a Second Language COURSES

ESL students needing individualized, hands-on instruction in English fundamentals. 

College Placement

Find and attend your reach school. We guide you from the essay to the application process, through interviews and support you all the way to graduation. 

High School Placement

We assess the student and help support the entire family towards finding your dream school.