Get clarity, create systems and launch into the most successful academic year you have ever had!




Get clarity, create systems and launch into the most successful academic year you have ever had!

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  • Students and parents will understand WHY school can feel frustrating, overwhelming and confusing at times.

  • Students will master the big picture and see how they fit into it.

  • Students will develop an organization system that will work for them for life.

  • Students will be set up to succeed as LIFE LONG LEARNERS.

  • parents will be reacquainted with the brilliance & perfection of their unique child and see ways to support the cultivation of their child's genius in the future. the student will be excited about their own innate strengths and talents again.

  • And finally, students will receive templates, formats and formulas for essay writing, writing in general and organization and prioritizing.

  • bonus: your children will be happier. And so will you.

Jennifer demonstrated the art of balancing academic challenge and rigor with the support and rapport to build on the students’ strengths and interests while helping them develop the perseverance and resilience to work through their struggles day after day.
— Doug Herron, Headmaster, Stevenson School

Your ability to both motivate, coach and comfort our son over the course of this year has been extraordinary to watch - to say he feels “connected” to you would be an enormous understatement. He knows that you understand him, and during what’s been an at times challenging year, you’ve been a true anchor.

While we are sure some of that comes naturally, we also know how much hard work, patience and attention goes into forming relationships with individual students and figuring out what makes them tick.

While he’s had his up and downs, you’ve been a consistent source of positive energy for our son...
Thank you for everything.
— Parent, Advertising Director, NYC

writing, the Humanities & Executive Function support

Reading and Writing support grades 4-adult - tutoring with Ms. Appel

Executive Functioning Support 4- adult - tutoring with Ms. Appel

All Core Subject Support grade 4-12, including math and science - online tutor coordination with iTutor.

I can say without hesitation that Jennifer is the most effective teacher that I have ever worked with...I was amazed at the speed and effectiveness of her work with the girls. Her ability to connect with students of all ages and types, and with individuals as well as classes, overwhelmed me...Jennifer Appel has the unique ability to not only connect with her students and bring out their best work, she herself brings enthusiasm and extraordinary talent to every project she undertakes.
— Carolyn Booth, Spiritual Life Director, Marymount School


Is your child ready for the next challenge?

Let's make sure your student is reaching the highest levels of rigor and launching their learning as far as possible. Let's get to "Amazing!"

Criteria are the qualities that you want to see in students’ work. Quality criteria help students know the requirements or "Must Haves" — and "Amazing" qualities that challenge students, especially early finishers, to go beyond the requirements.

"Must Haves" ensure that all students are focused on reaching the required standards. "Must Haves" may include, for example, required vocabulary, using the word “because,” properly, using varied sentence structures, or supporting with evidence.

"Amazing" criteria may include using advanced vocabulary, providing alternate strategies or perspectives, and applying highly sophisticated transitions to make profound, relevant and meaningful connections in a response. "Amazing" criteria provide room to extend expectations ensuring that all students are challenged.

Self-assessment. Students with metacognitive awareness (i.e., students who know what they know and do not know) are less likely to fall prey to "illusions of knowing." Overconfidence, which often accompanies illusions of knowing, can impede learning and create family dynamics of stress. Being able to assess our own work is a mark of excellence. It is not just “editing.”

I would like to recommend Jennifer Appel as a tutor. This past year she provided academic support to one of our Class VII students with learning differences. Jennifer’s communication with our school was excellent. She was in contact with teachers as well as myself and the head of the Upper School. She took the time to learn more about our academic program and the accommodations we provide for our students. It was a pleasure working with Jennifer!
— Fran Magenheimer, Learning Specialist, Marymount School
Jennifer is a very warm, caring and devoted teacher with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. She is a very intelligent ad creative teacher who knows her content area and knows how to reach and motivate her students.
— Steve Farnsworth, Art & Technology Director, Stevenson School