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Ever wondered why kids say they're bored at school, or why they stop trying when the work gets harder? Educationalist Carol Dweck explains how the wrong kind of praise actually *harms* young people. This short video is essential viewing for EVERYONE - from teachers and education workers to relatives and friends - and will totally revolutionise the way you interact with children.

English Language Arts, Humanities & Executive Function in-person support with Ms. Appel

  • Reading and Writing support grades 4-adult

  • Executive Functioning Support 4- adult

  • Core Subject Support grade 4-12, including math and science specialist recommendations.

  • Academic Remediation grade 4-12

  • English as a Second Language

English Language Arts online support in partnership with iTutor.

on-line tutoring for english support & math & science

Ms. Appel, in partnership with iTutor, can help any child around the globe with internet access. iTutor’s patented interactive white board technology, plus Skype, WeChat and Google Chat, allows Ivy League tutors to work with students all over the world to prepare and help them in many significant ways ranging from executive functioning support & study skills to a lifetime of writing instruction. 

In addition to iTutor, Ms. Appel works with another online platform to help facilitate grammar instruction that allows students to practice using different parts of speech, creating transitions and identifying run-on, fragments and complete sentences, while using in context new vocabulary. Ms. Appel is very interested to hear more about how your students are currently building their vocabulary as this is often an underestimated treasure trove for self expression when you are under time pressure and are trying to articulate a complex idea. She works with several online companies to help facilitate this as well.

And, as far as the “essay” is concerned, especially in-class essays, this process highlights where “preparation” meets “flow” - so Ms. Appel focuess on these two areas because if students are feeling less confident in either, it can cause anxiety or frustration in a young writer (even if they know the material!)

study skills & approAch

Ms. Appel’s fee is $150 a session and regardless of academic subject, your sessions will always include executive function support, which is the “secret” of Ms. Appel’s success with students because while students learn new skills, master new content and practice the art of reading & writing, Ms. Appel is also training the student to actually think differently. Executive Function is not just about “being organized” but is rather how a person locates their more sophisticated thoughts, connects them to practical material/content and then expresses their understanding in an organized, clear, succinct, fluid and poignant manner. 

Changing the systems of thinking and the approach to learning itself is what makes scores jump, creates genuine “ah ha” moments and instills a lasting and genuine confidence in the student because he or she has experienced an “intentional meeting with their own genius” and has discovered a way to articulate their thoughts from this place.