Jen is a learning specialist and certified teacher with over 20 years of experience in special education and working with the ‘gifted and talented.’  Jennifer has completed her post-graduate work at Harvard University, is certified in Judith Hochman’s Writing Revolution, and has taught at The Collegiate School, Marymount, Trevor Day School, Buckley Country Day School, Stevenson, City & Country, St. Jean Baptiste, Fairfax County Public Schools, St. Dominic's and School of the Holy Child.  She has tutored children who attend Spence, Chapin, Dalton, Regis, Loyola, The Town School, Hewitt, Manhasset, Friends Academy, Portledge, LaGuardia High School,  and many more. 

Jennifer believes all children are gifted and it is part of her mission to discover and enhance each student’s unique nature. Praise not punishment.  Jennifer does not just tutor, but offers real remediation.  She changes your child’s entire approach to learning.  She creates conceptual frameworks in the student’s mind and helps them process information in ways that last, makes sense to them and connects to their internal motivation.

Having your children succeed in school is very serious business and Jennifer’s techniques transform deep and challenging issues in lasting ways.  But most importantly, each student finds a way to enjoy the process and this fosters a healthy relationship with discovery, and even obstacles, and creates lifelong learners